Customized Media

Customized MediaProduction of agarose resins requires the precise control of many parameters, and the product range is based on the most common research and production requirements. However, we recognize that there are many specialized applications which are not currently served, and many separations which could be improved by a more appropriate bead, and so we now offer Customized Resins to extend the range. Parameters that can be specified are:

  • Size of beads
  • Degree of crosslinking
  • Concentration of agarose
  • Type of activation
  • Spacer arm length
  • Density of active groups 

ABT’s Custom-made Resins are now available to cover all of your purification needs (R&D to bioprocessing customers), making it possible for you to choose specifications for your resin at an affordable price. In order to produce exactly what you require, our team at ABT will work closely with yours and share technical details as appropriate.

If you are interested in the preparation of Customized Agarose Resins, and you would like more information, contact us at


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