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Sepadextran™-50 Fine

Sepadextran™-50 Fine

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Sepadextran™ is a beaded gel filtration medium prepared by crosslinking dextran and it is supplied in its dry form. Sepadextran™-50 can be used for protein and nucleic acid purifications being the exclusion limit 25 kD for proteins and 20 bases for nucleic acids.

Fine grade are for preparative separations and routine laboratory work.
Product NameSepadextran™ 50 Fine
Cat. No.SD50F-X
MatrixCrosslinked dextran
Water Regain4.80-5.20 ml/g
Swelling9-11 ml/g
Dry Particle Size 20-80 µm (>80%)
Wet Particle Size40-160 µm
Maximum Operating Pressure Generally obeys Darcy’s Law: U=Ko ΔP/L Where: U= linear flow rate(cm/h). ΔP= pressure drop over gel bead (cm H2O). L= bed high(cm) Ko=36
Fractionation Range1.5-30 kDa for globular proteins, 0.5-10 kDa for dextrans
pH Stability2.0 to 13
Autoclavable 121˚C, pH 7.0 (30 minutes)
Chemical StabilityAll commonly used buffers, including: 0.1 M NaOH; 0.01 M HCl; 1 M acetic acid; 8 M urea; 6 M guanidine HCl; 1% SDS, 24% Ethanol; 30% Propanol; 30% Acetonitrile
RemarksThis product is produced based on a customer order. Delivery time may be longer.
Storage Temperature Ambient
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