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Plastic Mini Columns

Plastic Mini Columns

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ABT offers a single-use chromatography tools, which simplifies the use of the resins and makes the purification process a simple and rapid one. Empty mini Columns serve as a tool for purification using small quantities of resin (100-250µl). It is a single-use format for centrifuge purifications. The packages contain 25 or 100 Plastic Mini Columns supplied with their top caps. The Plastic Mini Columns are polypropylene and contain a polyethylene frit with a nominal pore size of 20µm.


Product NamePlastic Mini Columns
Cat. No.MC-X
Spin Material Polypropylene
Column Material Polyethylene
Frit MaterialPolyethylene
Frit Pore Size 20 µm
Chemical StabilityStable in all commonly used reagents
Caps Top caps included
Total Capacity (ml)1.5
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