Nickel Affinity Cartridges 5ml

Nickel Affinity Cartridges 5ml

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Nickel chelate resins recognize two exposed histidines for an appreciable retention of a protein and it is recommended in the majority of the cases. This resin works well with relatively easy to separate His-tagged proteins. Nickel Affinity Cartridges is a Pre-Packed ready to use product for fitting into the MPLC, FPLC and ÄKTA™ design devices.

Product Name Nickel Affinity Cartridges 5ml
Cat. No. AF6Ni-Ctg5-X
Bead Geometry & Size Spherical,Fine ~ 20-50 µm
Crosslinked Highly crosslinked
Agarose % 6%
Matrix Stable in all commonly used reagents
Recommended Flow Rate 5 ml/min
Ligand Iminodiacetic Acid
Recommended Flow Rate 5 ml/min
Application Automated liquid chromatography (MPLC,FPLC™,ӒKTA™ design) peristaltic pump & syringe
Cartridge Ports Standard 10-32 fitting without aditional connectors
Antimicrobial Agent 20% Ethanol
Storage Temperature 2-8˚C
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