ABT joins the CNB in the fight against COVID19

Published on 5/28/2020   

ABT is proud to be a cooperating company in the fight against COVID19 by providing purification resins to one of the Spanish pioneering public centers in molecular research, the Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB). 

BIO Digital

Published on 5/26/2020   

Nothing stops innovation.  

We will be present at the BIO-Digital from June 8 to 12.

It will be a pleasure to meet you virtually, we are waiting for you there!

Protein G Affinity Cartridges

Published on 5/20/2020   

Nickel Agarose Extrachel™

Published on 4/20/2020   

If you are running a His-tag purification column and looking for improved capacities of the resin do not miss this exclusive product

Bench Tips for Successful Column Chromatography

Published on 4/6/2020   

Exorose ™ Beads

Published on 2/10/2020   

Agarose Bead Technologies (ABT) has added to the existing catalog a matrix called Exorose ™ Beads

New Sepadextran

Published on 6/8/2016    0 Comment(s)

Gel Filtration Chromatography allows biomolecule separation depending on its size and with no significant dilution. Smaller molecules pass significantly slower through the column than medium molecules.

New Protein A / G

Published on 6/8/2016    0 Comment(s)

Take advantage of our new product: PROTEIN A/G Agarose Resin 4 RAPID RUN(tm). This resin is an equal mixture of our PROTEIN G and PROTEIN

New Nickel NTA Magnetic Agarose Beads (5%)

Published on 6/8/2016    0 Comment(s)

ABT´s Nickel NTA Magnetic beads allow the fast  and easy small scale purification of histidine-tagged proteins.

New Protein A 4 Rapid Run

Published on 6/8/2016    0 Comment(s)

Protein A 4 Rapid Run
PROTEIN A Agarose Resin 4 RAPID RUN™ consists of rProtein A covalently bound to highly crosslinked agarose beads.


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