Published on 3/21/2019   

ABT is pleased to announce our yearly attendance at the annual AACR conference this year in Atlanta, GA. Come visit our booth #3151 to learn about how we can help increase your purification productivity. We look forward to seeing you there!


Published on 8/17/2018   

ABT will be exhibiting for the first at BIOSPAIN 2018. The largest biotech event organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe and one of the largest in the world by the number of one-to-one meetings (+3.000) and companies participating (+800). Our international team will be waiting for you on Booth 19. Request your meeting at

New Glutathione Cartridges

Published on 4/20/2018   

Don't miss out our special offer! Shop our Glutathione cartridges online now. Use code GLUCT10 to get a 10% discount offer. Valid until May 31st 2018.

New Products: Magnetics and Streptavidin!

Published on 3/7/2018   

Discover our Protein A and Protein G Magnetics Beads Agarose Beads (25%) which are new to our antibody purification product line. Additionally we have also added Streptavidin 6HC Agarose Resin to our catalog.

New Sepadextran

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Gel Filtration Chromatography allows biomolecule separation depending on its size and with no significant dilution. Smaller molecules pass significantly slower through the column than medium molecules.

New Protein A / G

Published on 6/8/2016    0 Comment(s)

Take advantage of our new product: PROTEIN A/G Agarose Resin 4 RAPID RUN(tm). This resin is an equal mixture of our PROTEIN G and PROTEIN

New Nickel NTA Magnetic Agarose Beads (5%)

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ABT´s Nickel NTA Magnetic beads allow the fast  and easy small scale purification of histidine-tagged proteins.

New Protein A 4 Rapid Run

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Protein A 4 Rapid Run
PROTEIN A Agarose Resin 4 RAPID RUN™ consists of rProtein A covalently bound to highly crosslinked agarose beads.


Prepacked Columns Sepadextran™ 25 Medium SC

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Prepacked Columns Sepadextran™ 25 Medium SC hydrated gel filtration columns designed for rapid and efficient removal of small molecules (salts, dyes, ammonia …)

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