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Low Density Metal Free

Low Density Metal Free

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This resin provides a low amount of activation for metal attachment allowing for higher selectivity/specificity in the binding of the tagged-protein. The resin is adequate to work in batch or column purifications (Low Flow). It is supplied without any metal and it is necessary to charge the resin using a selected divalent cation following instructions.
Product NameLow Density Metal Freee
Cat. No.6BCL-QL-X
Bead Geometry & SizeSpherical,Standard: ~ 50-150 µm
Crosslinked Yes
Agarose % 6%
MatrixStable in all commonly used reagents
Binding/Loading Capacity (μmol Me2+/ml gel)5-19
Antimicrobial Agent 20% Ethanol
Storage Temperature 2-8˚C
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