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Upgrade Your Purifications
Agarose Bead Technologies (ABT) has launched Ion Exchange Chromatography Resins to our extensive product line of agarose beads.

We offer the following 4 types of IEX resins depending on your application:
  • Strong anion exchanger: Q Rapid Run™ Agarose Beads
  • Weak anion exchanger: DEAE Rapid Run™ Agarose Beads 
  • Strong cation exchanger: SP Rapid Run™ Agarose Beads
  • Weak cation exchanger: CM Rapid Run™ Agarose Beads

Excellent quality agarose backbone allows ABT to develop cutting-edge IEX resins for capture and intermediate purification of tagged and untagged proteins and antibodies, in bench and large-scale.
About us

Watch our company video and learn more about Agarose Bead Technologies. Our decades of experience in manufacturing show in our commitment to quality and customer service.

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