NTA Starter Kit

NTA Starter Kit

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Starter Kit includes chromatography resin with a single-use column suitable for FPLC and ÄKTA design chromatography systems. NICKEL NTA Agarose Resin resin consists of crosslinked agarose derivatized with Nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) and provides good properties working in native or denaturing conditions. It includes 25 ml of NICKEL NTA Agarose resin and 3 empty FPLC 8 ml columns.

Product Name NTA Starter Kit
Cat. No. NTANi-FPLC8
Bead Geometry & Size Spherical,Standard: ~ 50-150 µm
Crosslinked Yes
Agarose % 6%
Contains 25ml Nickel NTA agarose Resin & 3 Empty FPLC 8ml Columns
Ligand Nitrilotriacetic Acid (NTA)
Static Binding Capacity ≥ 50 mg/ ml gel
Antimicrobial Agent 15 % Ethanol of total volume
Storage Temperature 4-8˚C
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