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Empty Syringe Cartridges 0.8 ml

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ABT Empty Syringe Cartridges are a single-use solution that makes the purification process simple and rapid. With only a syringe and an easily packed 0.8 ml cartridge of the appropriate resin you can begin recovering your purified protein in a very short time.

Product Name Empty Syringe Cartridges 0.8 ml
Cat. No. ESY-Ctg08-5
Contains 5 Empty Syringe Cartridges: 5 cartridge bodies, 5 blue fitting rings, 5 top plug housings, 5 upper frits/ caps, and 5 bottom frits/ caps
Column Material Polypropylene
Frit Material Polyethylene
Frit Pore Size 10 µm
Chemical Stability Stable in all commonly used reagents
Capacity (ml of packed resin) 0.8
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