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Empty Cartridges 1ml

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ABT offers single-use empty cartridges 1 ml compatible  with MPLC, FPLC™ and ÄKTA design™ chromatography systems. It is sufficient for working with 1ml of packed resin. The package contains 5 cartridges of polypropylene (5 cartridges and 10 end plugs) and a polyethylene frit with a frit pore size average of  12 µm.

Note: For storage of packed cartridges, stop plug needs to be ordered separately.

Product NameEmpty Cartridges 1ml
Cat. No.EB-Ctg1-5
Contains5 Empty Cartridges (5 cartridge bodies & 10 end plugs)
Column Material Polypropylene
Frit MaterialPolyethylene
Frit Pore Size Average12 µm
Inner Column Diameter 6.2 mm
Connections Standard connections compatible to the common chromatography instruments (such as ӒKTA™)
Chemical StabilityStable in all commonly used reagents
Capacity (ml of packed resin)1
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