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Empty Cartridges 1ml

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ABT offers single-use empty cartridges 1 ml compatible  with MPLC, FPLC™ and ÄKTA design™ chromatography systems. It is sufficient for working with 1ml of packed resin. The package contains 5 cartridges of polypropylene (5 cartridges and 10 end plugs) and a polyethylene frit with a frit pore size average of  12 µm.

Note: For storage of packed cartridges, stop plug needs to be ordered separately.

Product Name Empty Cartridges 1ml
Cat. No. EB-Ctg1-5
Contains 5 Empty Cartridges (5 cartridge bodies & 10 end plugs)
Column Material Polypropylene
Frit Material Polyethylene
Frit Pore Size Average 12 µm
Inner Column Diameter 6.2 mm
Connections Standard connections compatible to the common chromatography instruments (such as ӒKTA™)
Chemical Stability Stable in all commonly used reagents
Capacity (ml of packed resin) 1
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