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Biotin Agarose Resin

Biotin Agarose Resin

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Biotin Agarose Resin is used for purification or removal of avidin or streptavidin samples. Biotin is immobilized through a spacer arm by means of covalent binding that minimize leakage. The binding is very strong, making it suitable for non-reversible binding applications (e.g. removal of avidin components from a sample).
Product NameBiotin Agarose Resin
Cat. No.4BCL-BI-X
Bead Geometry & SizeSpherical, Standard: ~50-150 µm
Crosslinked Yes
Agarose % 4%
Coupling ChemistryCarboxy (amide linkage)
Avidin Binding Capacity> 30 mg/ml gel
Antimicrobial Agent 0.02% Sodium azide
Storage Temperature 2-8˚C
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