Protein L Test Kit

Protein L Test Kit

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Protein L agarose resin consists on rProtein L covalent bound to crosslinked agarose beads. It provides a very stable bond that can greatly minimize leakage of the Protein L allowing for reuse of the affinity resin in several purification steps. This Test Kit allows the user to pretest the degree of affinity of the antibody before larger scale use.

Product Name Protein L Test Kit
Cat. No. 4BCLPL-K-01
Bead Geometry & Size Spherical,Standard: ~50-150 µm
Crosslinked Yes
Agarose % 4%
Coupling Method Covalent binding by reductive amination
Static Binding Capacity ~10 mg human IgG/ ml resin
Antimicrobial Agent 20% Ethanol
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