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Agarose LM

Agarose LM

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Agarose LM is a Low Melting temperature allows for the recovery of undamaged nucleic acids below denaturation temperature. Low gelling temperature ensures In-Gel applications can be performed in remelted agarose, avoiding difficult DNA extraction steps. This agarose is ideal for digestion by agarose enzymes, which makes it very easy to recover large DNA fragments suitable for cloning or enzymatic processing. Low Melting temperature agarose has the highest resolving capacity for large DNA fragments, ≥1000 bp, including PCR products.
Product NameAgarose LM
Cat. No.A-1300-X
EEO (Electroendosmosis) ≤ 0.12
Sulfate≤ 0.12%
Gel Strength %1.5% at ≥ 500 g/cm^2
Gelling Temperature24-28˚C
Melting Temperature≤ 65.5˚C
DNAse/ RNAse ActivityNone detected
Dna Resolution ≥1000 bpFinely resolved
Gel Background Very low
Dna Binding Very low
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