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Agarose HR

Agarose HR

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Agarose HR is a molecular screening Agarose that improves resolution of small DNA fragments and PCR products. This agarose is recommended for applications that require efficient separation of small DNA fragments and PCR products. High resolution of short PCR products and DNA fragments. Better handling than competitors even with lower concentrations of agarose. High resolution gels for <1000 bp fragments.


Product NameAgarose HR
Cat. No.A-1280-X
EEO (Electroendosmosis) ≤ 0.12
Sulfate≤ 0.11%
Gel Strength %3% at ≥1500 g/cm^2
Gelling Temperature≤ 35.5 ˚C
Melting Temperature≤ 80˚C
DNAse/ RNAse ActivityNone detected
Dna Resolution ≥1000 bpFinely resolved
Gel Background Very low
Dna Binding Very low
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