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Agarose GA

Agarose GA

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Agarose GA electrophoresis grade is ideal for routine rapid separations of DNA and RNA fragments as well as PCR products, the preparation of plasmids, and for screening, cloning, and blotting techniques. Easy dissolution and rapid gelling. Excellent transparency and low background with staining dyes resulting in clear visibility of the bands.Sharp and well defined bands.
Agarose GA has high gel strength even at low concentrations, so use rates are 0.75 - 2%. It is effective in blotting and in separations of nucleic acid fractions from 250 bp to 23 Kb.

Product NameAgarose GA
Cat. No.A-1290-X
EEO (Electroendosmosis) -
Sulfate≤ 0.1%
Gel Strength %1% at ≥ 1000 g/cm^2
Gelling Temperature36 ± 1.5 ˚C
Melting Temperature88 ± 1.5 ˚C
DNAse/ RNAse ActivityNone detected
Dna Resolution ≥1000 bpFinely resolved
Gel Background Very low
Dna Binding Very low
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